About Us

PepWear's and Music for All’s History

For more than 20 years, PepWear has been commemorating high school experiences. We started out selling t-shirts at band competitions, and now PepWear attends more than 800 school-related events throughout the United States each year. Originally called Music T’s, PepWear was formed in 1987 when a father realized that band kids weren’t getting the recognition they deserved for their musical accomplishments. Over the years, we expanded our offerings to serve any group needing custom apparel and merchandise—whether a sports team, marching band, church youth group, corporation or charity event. Not only are we creating great memorabilia, we are also supporting nonprofit organizations running music and sporting events all over the country.

Music for All has been providing educational and performance programs and events for school bands and orchestras since it was founded in 1975. MFA is proud to have partnered with leaders in choir organizations and events to provide positively life-changing experiences for choirs, as well.

Music for All has served more than 1.75 million music students through its Bands of America and Orchestra America programs. It serves more than 450,000 music students and their families, and music teachers each year. Instrumental programs know Music for All through its programs and events including the Music for All National Festival, the Music for All Summer Symposium camp for students and teachers, and the Bands of America Grand National and Regional Marching Band Championships held across the United States each fall.

In 2003, Music for All and PepWear partnered together to commemorate the amazing achievements of youths in music. PepWear is proud to support the efforts of Music For All and their many participants all over the country each year.